Main ideas

 I have many ideas how Netcraft should look like in the future, but now all development effort is put into version 1.0, which should be at least playable. Netcraft is divided into client server and can be played on local network on via internet. It is possible to run it without network (LAN game on localhost), but is useless till there are no bots. It is of course posible to make computer player as client, but it's outside scope of version 1.0.
 Netcraft is placed in future and tries to make battlefield more similiar to modern one than from medieval times. It's quite hard to do (take a look over all RTS games), but possible. For version 1.0 story is like this: there are some players put into battlefield with order of eliminating opponent/surviving/achieving other goals and small amount of units and money. They can earn money from killing others or achieving goals and then buy new units in exchange of earned money. Quite simple idea, but I think it's much better than spending time on feeding animals etc. Play SimFarmer if you want to spend time on growing grain and/or feeding pigs. Netcraft is not like SimFarm, you've got your army and you need to eliminate/anihilate/demolish oposing forces or equivalent.
 I know that I should place formal description of all units here, but it's not aviable right now. It will surely appear in short period.

Differences from others

 Netcraft is Real Time Strategy (RTS) with little new aproach to this kind of games. Differences contains (but are not limited to):

Some history

 Originally I planned to make Real Time Strategy placed in middle ages with feudal structure etc. It was called "Rules of Feudalism" and I submitted it to web on January 2001. Since that time I have realised that making such complicated game is quite to hard for me, so I made little different goals and changed place to modern ages (much more abilities of making really different units). And finally I've made new style of game and new web page.


 Right now there are many things completed and I can say that project is in Alpha stage (see Status report for details).