Where can I download files?

 On sourceforge prject's page. <http://sourceforge.net/projects/netcraft>. Go there and follow the instructions for downloading files.

How can I install Netcraft?

 It's easy, just download .tar.gz file, unpack it somewhere and run "./setup". You SHOULD NOT be root to do this. Because Netcraft is in development version it will work in your local directory. You need some things to install and run Netcraft:

Does Netcraft run on Win32?

 Not yet. Previous versions run on Win32, but this one will need some improvements (mainly keep up-to-date setup.bat and makefile.w32). Since Netcraft supports network (how silly) it won't run on DOS, because it needs Winsock library. Try to make your own apropriate library and I'll support it. Win32 source code exists, but is completely untested. Don't expect everything to work on it.

What is WiP?

 It's "Work in Progress" version. Intended audience - developers.