Help needed!

 We need help in any part of project. We need graphics, programmers, music artists and players for testing. We also need smart people for developing ideas. Everyone who want help, can help. Doesn't matter Your skills, if you want help, just do it!

Everyone who want to help should contact project manager at <>

 Below is placed list about some most needed points, but don't worry if your skills are outside this list. There are placed just most important points of development.
 I'm just pure coder, I can't do any (or almost any graphics) so anyone who want to put work inside Netcraft is welcomed. Main list of graphics to do:
 This list below is not very detailed, but there is aviable new TODO list (now only as pure text)
 Well... with coding is little worst, because I'm strong coder and I can expect some skills. It is of course about my modules. If you are making your own module (or BOT) you can do what you want. For full list what needs to be done mail me. Below is list of things needed right NOW.
World designing
 There are a lot of things to develop in world (beggining from units, ending on maps and story). I welcome everyone with at least small piece of imagination.
 There is also need of someone who can make (and KEEP) this webpage on high level.