10-1-2002 by Fijal
I've decided to use simple pictures of units from ONE side right now to make game playable. I can't make anyone to make pictures. I'll make some preview in a week.

9-1-2002 by Fijal
Just the end of holiday - back to work!

19-12-2001 by Fijal
I'm out for three weeks now, so project will be stopped for three weeks. But still under development!

13-12-2001 by Fijal
Here it is! - version 0.3.1 of NetCraft is running on Allegro v4.0.0 and does not need support of hacked version. There are also promised bugfixes. There is one more problem which arised yesterday's evening - problems with cooperation between GTK and Allegro. I hope it's library bug and will be fixed by Allegro team (Hehehe)

19-12-2001 by Fijal
Holiday - I'm living for three weeks now, so it will be unable to make contact with me. See you in 2002!!

12-12-2001 by Fijal
Allegro - due to bugfixes in Allegro library (from 4.0.0), we won't need hacked version any more. Anyway, NetCraft 0.3 is compatible only with hacked version, I'll upload NetCraft compatible with Allegro 4.0.0 in few days (1-2), after some bugfixes in tile placing algoritjm and movement.

12-12-2001 by Fijal
Linuxfreemail is functional, but this address is still valid <mf197855@zodiac.mimuw.edu.pl>

11-12-2001 by Fijal
Because linuxfreemail.com is down, everyone can contact me at <mf197855@zodiac.mimuw.edu.pl>

10-12-2001 by Fijal
Version 0.3-wip is ready, and uploaded. I've also made a nice new logo yesterday. I'm waiting for bug reports/opinnions and of course HELP!

7-12-2001 by Fijal
Version 0.3-wip is ready, but I must wait before uploading it (I got only useless destroyed floppy !@$##%!@#%$^!@), maybe today.

13-11-2001 by Fijal
New version is aviable. New are tank routines (bullets, rockets, explosions and so on). Soon new pictures will be aviable in gallery

25-10-2001 by Fijal
Mapedit target specification is aviable. It also contains list of todo for mapedit. here

22-10-2001 by Fijal
Sorry about bugs in 0.2 version, but now it should work. I've just uploaded fixed version

20-10-2001 by Fijal
New version is aviable. Contains some changes, but mainly user interface and network broadcasting over LAN. Also terrible bug has been fixed.

18-10-2001 by Fijal
New, full TODO list is aviable on the web. Right now only in text version.

16-10-2001 by Fijal
Reconstruction of web page after reconstruction of game.